#7 - Education

Lighthouse for Ideas

A real success story: The Classroom of the Future has been a fixture of Frankfurt Book Fair since 2012. It is operated in cooperation with the European Learning Industry Group (ELIG). It’s a place where teachers and their students can test out the classroom methodologies of the future.

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Elmar Hussmann, Secretary General of ELIG, says: “Learning along the lines of the Classroom of the Future means that students can design and experiment using modern digital means, produce their own content and develop within a group as part of the learning process. Every year at the Fair, it results in interviews, blog articles, radio plays, television reports, films, comics, self-developed apps, games, 3D printed objects and scientific findings.”

Teacing and learning materials for various platforms

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All trade visitors are welcome from 19-23 October. Are you a teacher or educator? Then you qualify for a one-time 50 per cent discount off your 1-day trade visitor ticket.

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The motto for this year’s edition is “Lighthouse for ideas”. For the first time, there will be supplementary teacher’s materials that can be accessed from various platforms for free. The project will also feature a new appearance following a black and white concept, which will gain colour through creativity and ingenuity over the week of the Fair. Topics include robotics, coding and digital art.

For more information on the project, see the website: www.book-fair.com/education

Please contact Elena Appel if you have any questions on the Classroom of the Future.

A taste of Fair highlights
Every day (19-23 October 2016 from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm), the following workshops will take place in the Classroom of the Future (4.2 A86).

  • Discovering German with my own eyes, 4.2 A 86
    Can comics build bridges? Can books really make human connections? This workshop brings refugee and non-refugee schoolchildren closer together. Cartoonists, authors and illustrators work together to uncover cultural differences and similarities, and show how communication without words can work.
  • The school editorial office, 4.2 A 86
    Curious minds wanted! Students become journalists and interview, research and describe Frankfurt Book Fair – equipped with press passes. Articles, videos and news will become part of the Classroom of the Future blog.
  • This is what we share: The Wadden Sea and the Guest of Honour, 4.2 A 86
    Experiencing natural science is the goal of this workshop. Students explore the Wadden Sea and its inhabitants using professional equipment.
  • Students cook with Indonesian chefs, 4.2 A 86 and Gourmet Gallery 3.1 K94
    This workshop focuses on Indonesian cuisine, served in the Classroom of the Future.