Issue #10

Najem Wali and how literature inspires tolerance

The nation of poets and philosophers

On 14 October, Iraqi author and journalist Najem Wali will take part in the opening of this year’s Weltempfang, which will focus on the topic of “Borders in times of migration and displacement”. Wali, who fled to Germany at the start of the Iran-Iraq war in 1980, explains how literature can build bridges and improve cross-cultural tolerance. »

Borderlines: the theme of Weltempfang 2015

Metaphor or geography?

The German Federal Foreign Office is participating as a co-organiser of Weltempfang at Frankfurt Book Fair. In this interview, Dr. Andreas Görgen, Head of the Department for Culture and Communication at the Foreign Office, talks about the role literature plays in Germany’s cultural agenda. »

Interview with novelist and essayist Janne Teller

Frankfurt Undercover

Can fiction writers come up with solutions – or at least with new inspirations – for real-world political problems? Novelist and essayist Janne Teller is convinced that the freedom and human insights of literature may be a key to solving some of the most important issues society is facing today. »

The Weltempfang - political, controversial, international

International dialogue in Frankfurt

Weltempfang, a cooperation of Frankfurt Book Fair and the German Federal Foreign office, will be held for the first time in Hall 3.1 (Stand L 25) on approximately 500 square metres. Also known as the Centre for Politics, Literature and Translation, the focus at this year’s Weltempfang will be on the topic of “Borderlines”. »

Initiatives for refugees at the Book Fair

Supporting integration with education and culture

In cooperation with the German Publishers & Booksellers Association (Börsenverein) and Frankfurt Book Fair, LitCam is organising the “Books say welcome” project to provide refugees quick and easy access to educational and reading materials and thereby support their integration. »

Introducing the winners of the European Union Prize for Literature

Creativity and wealth of European contemporary fiction

The European Union Prize for Literature is a unique award in which 37 countries take part in and it is the only prize that recognizes the best emerging literary voices from all over Europe. This year’s twelve winners were announced by the European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, Tibor Navracsics, at the London Book Fair in April. Now the Prize enters the spotlight in Frankfurt. »

New Fair Concept

Trending politics at the Fair

The new Fair concept means new potential for every area of publishing. The following tips are specially designed to inspire visitors interested in political and cultural dialogue.  »

Political aspects of the Gourmet Gallery

International understanding through cooking

The Frankfurt Book Fair has always been more than a mere content fair, it is also a political fair. In addition to the rights and licenses trade, it is all about cultural exchange, international understanding, and political dialogue – even when it comes to cookbooks. »

Do them today!

Countdown Service #10: 5 things you should be thinking about now.

The devil’s in the detail. Our countdown service helps you catch the easy-to-miss details and puts you on a sure-footed path to success at the Fair. »

Issue #9

Case Study: New Fair Concept - New opportunities

It’s all about content: when cookery and aviation come together

As an exhibitor, Grub Street Publishing has witnessed many changes at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Now with the new hall layout, the publisher´s fair stand is moving from the outskirts of the fairground to the centre. In our interview, publisher Anne Dolamore tells us what she is looking forward to and how the business has transformed. »

Issue #8

Case Study: The Book Fair as a media stage

Festival of Ideas

For the first time this year, television and radio broadcaster BBC is appearing as a media partner of Frankfurt Book Fair – with plans to interview several bestselling authors in the Lesezelt. BBC Culture’s Matthew Anderson tells us why the Book Fair is such an excellent place for news reporting.  »

Issue #7

Case Study: A fair within the Fair

Food as a universal language

Edouard Cointreau is Vice President of the World Cookbook Fair, the largest gathering of the international cookbook community. For the first time, they will convene at the Frankfurt Book Fair and endow the Gourmet Gallery with even more glamour, international flair and business. In our interview, Edouard Cointreau gives insights into the highly dynamic market. »

Issue #6

Case Study: Learning hybrids

Evolution from Print to Print-plus-x

Printed schoolbooks are more popular in education than e-books. Still it would be a huge benefit to give students access to supplemental, digital content. Udi Chatow of Hewlett-Packard explains how hybrid learning can bridge the two worlds – and why it is so important for publishers to explore the „Classroom of the Future“ at the Frankfurt Book Fair. »

Issue #5

Case Study: Independent publishers at the Frankfurt Book Fair

“Get a little assertive!”

Lars Birken-Bertsch, Marketing Manager at Aufbau Publishing Group, is in charge of the brands Aufbau, Blumenbar, Metrolit and Die Andere Bibliothek. In this interview, he explains where he sees market opportunities for independent publishers and what is important to him at the Frankfurt Book Fair. »

Issue #4

Case Study: full speed ahead as a self-publisher

A writer up close and personal

Self-publishing is on everyone’s lips. Contrary to what you’d expect, even many successful authors can now be found on the scene. The Frankfurt Book Fair has dedicated itself to this exciting topic with a comprehensive programme. How do you compete for readers as a self-publisher and establish your niche? Interview with German self-publisher Katja Piel on her success story. »

Issue #3

Case Study: Rights & Licences

Pixels of the Earth

When novelist Ken Follett comes to the Frankfurt Book Fair, the queue of fans goes around the block. For years now, it’s been hard to imagine a bestseller list not including this Brit’s historical novels. In an interview, he explains how his blockbuster novel “The Pillars of the Earth” is being turned into a video game. »

Issue #2

Case Study: Creative Day on the Agora

Driven by the Desire for Individuality

“DIY” – do it yourself – is all the rage now and its community is growing and growing. Reason enough for a “Creative Day” on 16 October 2015 at the Frankfurt Book Fair. frechverlag and DaWanda, the largest online marketplace for handmade objects in Europe, will be there. We talked to frechverlag Managing Director Michael Zirn, and Elke von Borcke, Director Marketing at DaWanda. »

Issue #1

Case Study: International Book Launch

Hunger for
breath-taking stories

About three months before “Fever at Dawn” by Péter Gárdos will be published in Germany and Hungary, the manuscript has already been sold in 26 countries. How can you tell that a manuscript has bestseller potential? And how do you plan the launch? Read the interview with Hoffmann and Campe Managing Director Daniel Kampa and Hungarian publisher Ádám Halmos. »